Pigmentary degeneration

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(Med.) a morbid condition in which an undue amount of pigment is deposited in the tissues.

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Various peripheral degenerations were found: 7 eyes (0.4%) had microcystoid degeneration, 40 (2.1%) had peripheral pigmentary degeneration, 87 (4.5%) had lattice degeneration, and 4 (0.2%) had snail-track degeneration.
Laurence-Moon syndrome in which retinal pigmentary degeneration, mental retardation and hypogonadism occurs in conjunction with progressive spastic paraparesis and distal muscle weakness.
ERG shows lack of response when the eye is stimulated by light, due to optic nerve abnormalities thus confirming progressive retinal pigmentary degeneration. Markedly reduced b:a ratio in the single flash photopic ERG with additional a-wave delay is the most suggestive feature of Batten disease [7].
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