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A former island in the Nile River of southeast Egypt. Site of many ancient temples and monuments, it was particularly noted for its temple dedicated to Isis. The construction of the first dam at Aswan (1899-1934) caused the island to be seasonally inundated, and in the 1970s its structures were moved to another nearby island.


(Placename) an island in Upper Egypt, in the Nile north of the Aswan Dam: of religious importance in ancient times; almost submerged since the raising of the level of the dam


(ˈfaɪ li)

an island in the Nile, in Upper Egypt: the site of ancient temples; now submerged by the waters of Lake Nasser.
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Located amidst forests in Unakoti, Debtamura and Pilak, these spots are popular for their ancient rock carvings, murals and majestic waterfalls.
Ang ating pagkain, pananamit, pamamahay at kabuhayan ay galing sa ating paligid sa lupa, Ilog at karagatan pati na ang mina ng ginto at pilak. Kadalasan, ang pangunahing kabuhayan ng mga Pilipino ay pangingisda at pagsasaka (Majority of Filipinos are fishermen and farmers.
His film, 'Kandelerong Pilak,' was shown at the Cannes International Film Festival.
Peso which starts with a P means weight in Spanish, Peso is also the name of Spanish currency; platawhich means silver (pilak to us) starts with a P; Philippines which is derived from the Latin Philippinensis also starts with a P.
The elders always advise me Ay-aywanam nan pilak di Ipugaw; adi kan kankanen!' (Take care of the money of the people, do not corrupt it).
Adalbert." Words of greeting to the participants were also presented by the Mayor of the District of Gniezno, Dariusz Pilak, and Joanna Pasztaleniec-Jarzy ska, a Board member of the Polish Librarians Association (PLA).
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How: Hire a car at Agartala, and drive the fairly short distance to Pilak (should take no more than two hours).
The fair is "like the Bach Festival with fewer clothes." This is what Jeanette Pilak, former marketing director of the Hult Center, once told an out-of-state friend she planned on taking to the fair, according to an anecdote provided by Manley.
The alliance's goal is simple, says Jeanette Pilak, executive director: "We want Portland to have the credit as a market leader for the creative work we're already doing nationally.
All he had to do was scourge with all his might the Santo Cristo, a large crucifix, using a whip fashioned out of a sea creature's tail (ikog sang pagi), and the icon would vomit strength (kusog) and money (pilak).