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Noun1.Pilgrim Father - one of the colonists from England who sailed to America on the Mayflower and founded the colony of Plymouth in New England in 1620
colonist, settler - a person who settles in a new colony or moves into new country
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I reminded the audience of the peril which surrounded this self- emancipated young man at the North,--even in Mas- sachusetts, on the soil of the Pilgrim Fathers, among the descendants of revolutionary sires; and I ap- pealed to them, whether they would ever allow him to be carried back into slavery,--law or no law, con- stitution or no constitution.
Kirk-Smith does not mention that a similar claim to be descendants of the first Pilgrim Father was made by Longfellow and by President Ulysses Grant.
Demi Moore is a bad girl in a strict Pilgrim Father community who has a roll in the hay with the Rev Gary Oldman.
In which ship did the Pilgrim Fathers set sail from Plymouth in 1620?
And certainly, a huge Thanksgiving celebration took place in 1621, after the Pilgrim Fathers had survived their first winter and reaped their first harvest in Plimoth Plantation, in what is now the state of Massachusetts.
The classical learning in the Massachusetts Bay Colony has been widely studied, says Lupher, and often contrasted with the well-reported lack of humane letters among the Pilgrim Fathers in the New Plymouth Plantation 34 miles south of Boston.
1620: The 101 Pilgrim Fathers set sail from Plymouth in the Mayflower.
Historical experts claim that Jamestown was where the British Empire began because it predated the arrival of the Pilgrim Fathers aboard the Mayflower in 1620.
Depending on your view of how the American presidential race was run and resolved, and how this reflects on humankind's principal superpower, you may think the Pilgrim Fathers have got a lot to answer for.
It's the building where the Pilgrim Fathers are said to have spent their last night before setting sail in the Mayflower to the New World.
1620: The Pilgrim Fathers, having arrived in the New World on the Mayflower on November 11 and spent several weeks picking their settlement site, landed their first party at the abandoned native settlement of Patuxet, which they renamed Plymouth after the port they had sailed from.
Step this way The Mayflower Steps are from where the Pilgrim Fathers are thought to have cast off for America in 1620.