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n.1.One who pills or plunders.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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They still piled the brushwood round the base of the tower, and gambolled hand in hand around the blaze, screaming out the doggerel lines which had long been the watchword of the Jacquerie: Cessez, cessez, gens d'armes et pietons, De piller et manger le bonhomme Qui de longtemps Jacques Bonhomme Se nomme.
"What are you layin' on your good bed in the daytime for, messin' up the feathers, and dirtyin' the pillers with your dusty boots?"
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 15, 2019-: Piller appoint new distributor for Switzerland and Liechtenstein
20, 2017 (President Trump's inauguration day), through May 22, 2019, FDA sent out 1,033 warning letters, compared with 1,532 warning letters sent during the 28 months ending just before the inauguration, a drop of 33%, wrote Charles Piller, an investigative journalist on the Science staff (Science.
According to Justice Gafai, the court had granted Anton Piller order to ASCO Investment Limited, Nigerian representative of SC Johnson, makers of Kiwi polish to search premises and markets to seize fake kiwi products without prior warning.
He emerged from the third round on 19-under par 197, one stroke in front of fellow americans Andrew Landry and Martin Piller, who are both seeking a first PGA Tour crown.
According to the terms of the Asset Purchase Agreement, Langley will acquire substantially all assets and operations of Active Power, including the Active Power name, through their Piller USA Inc.
Other selections Martin Piller 125-1 Alex Cejka 125-1 Martin Piller, twice a winner on the Web.com Tour last year, is another possible contender.
World No.3 Stacy Lewis and Gerina Piller were one up after 16 against Caroline Masson and Caroline Hedwall, with Alison Lee and Brittany Lincicome one up on the unbeaten Charley Hull and Suzann Pettersen after 15.
Ingrid Piller's insightful foray into the field of intercultural communication studies is structured around one fundamental, though previously underexplored, research question: "who makes culture relevant to whom in which context and for which purposes" (5).
"Our model [for Members Only] is based on the economic development of the country, and there's reason for enthusiasm," says Andrew Piller, in charge of DKT's condom distribution network in Ethiopia--sending out more than 60m of them a year.
This transaction was negotiated by Morris Diamant and Ben Piller.