Pilot jacket

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a pea jacket.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The door was opened by an odd, swarthy, dried-up person of uncertain age, with a dark pilot jacket and brown leather gaiters.
A creature half alive; an imperfectly developed animal in shapeless form clad in a man's pilot jacket, and treading in a man's heavy laced boots, with nothing but an old red-flannel petticoat, and a broken comb in her frowzy flaxen hair, to tell us that she was a woman--such was the inhospitable person who had received us in the darkness when we first entered the house.
with my hands in the pockets of my leather Avirex pilot jacket, started
The witness, a local dad walking his son to school, told cops the man, who was wearing a trapper-style hat and black pilot jacket, looked out of place.
First prize is a CD Walkman and compilation CD featuring all the nominees, second a Technics pilot jacket plus CD and third a Technics record bag plus CD.
A team of designers developed the Active Chill collection in direct response to FlexiTog clients' feedback who were unhappy with their choice of standard pilot jackets or fleeces.
Some of the highlights of this collection include pilot jackets with big pockets, cargo trousers, dropped trousers and knitted bombers.
The two leaders, wearing pilot jackets, chatted with the pilot of HE[pounds sterling]RKUE[currency] for a while.