Pilot valve

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1.(Hydraulics) A small hand-operated valve to admit liquid to operate a valve difficult to turn by hand.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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This second Water Pilot valve installation was at a franchisee operated Holiday Inn in Plantation, Florida.
* Feature an integrated screw-in pressure relief pilot valve
The company says both models benefit from an integral, stall-free air valve that is simple, rugged and reliable and eliminates the need for a separate pilot valve, or mechanically operated pilot valve.
In comparison to external types, the integrated pilot valve offers both functional and cost benefits, such as fast reaction times, automatic programming of end positions and lower compressed air consumption.
GEMU also has many other accessories that can be paired with the SUMONDO Single-Use diaphragm valve, such as electrical position indicators (GEMU Type 1235/136) or combi-switchbox with integrated 3/2 way pilot valve (GEMO Type 4242), that make this a complete GEMO produced package for Single-Use.
When used in conjunction with the Element actuators, the unique pilot valve system also enables a compressed air recycling that avoids contamination of the actuator chamber from the local environment.
As a special design feature, Leser says the tubing between the pilot valve and the main valve is integrated in the main valve cover, reducing the risk of damage or freezing.
Then no pressure--or not enough pressure--goes out the output side of the V19 and down to the V14 pilot valve which opens the V10 valve.
The units feature a spring-return automated ball valve, explosion-proof limit switch and solenoid pilot valve, advanced quarter-turn rack-and-pinion actuator design, superior valve seating, and patented stem seal system.
The team checked the electrical operation of the dual pilot valve that controls the two fuel level control valves, causing the valves to shut off fuel to the tank when a predetermined level is reached.
The plunger is powered by accumulator-assisted hydraulics and is controlled by a new LDV servovalve that needs no hydraulic pilot valve, plus a linear position sensor and new Windows-based TRD controller.