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n.1.Among the Jews, penetrating investigation, disputation, and drawing of conclusions, esp. in Talmudic study.
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Perhaps it is meant, like the Maven's drashot, to challenge one's reality in true pilpulistic fashion, much as Chagall's Crucifixion did in its time.In any case art is in the eye of the beholder, so let the book not be ill defined by its cover--and may the reader enjoy the revolution in word within which is the true key to iudaismos.
Each day until 2 p.m., we boys studied Talmud, taught with variations of the traditional pilpulistic approach imported from pre-war Lithuanian yeshivas.
Halivni's discussion in The Book and the Sword may be helpful here: Perhaps an example, technical though it may be, may help to illustrate the differences between the three major approaches to the study of Talmud - the standard traditional method, the pilpulistic method, and the critical method - and will also clarify the significance of my own move to critical scholarship.