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Having flowers with styles of differing length, as the primrose.

het′er·o·styled′ adj.
het′er·o·sty′ly n.


(Botany) the condition in certain plants, such as primroses, of having styles of different lengths, each type of style in flowers on different plants, which promotes cross-pollination
[C20: from Greek, from heteros different + stylos pillar]
ˌheteroˈstylous adj
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The predominant system in Fagopyrum, self-incompatibility, was first discovered by Darwin (1877) and belongs to the sporophytic system (Dahlgren, 1922) expressed in the pin and thrum flower type.
esculentum population is heterogeneous with a 1:1 ratio of pin and thrum plants, but there were no self-pollinated homostylic flowers found in the population.