Pin hole

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a small hole made by a pin; hence, any very small aperture or perforation.

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I need a blueprint that shows the location of sear pin holes for the AR-15.
With the trigger pin hole done, I moved the drill toward the front of the receiver 2.
The sear was stoned with a radius whose center was the sear pin hole.
Cameron Sweetman, 10, said: "We made the pin hole projector.
If the terms acid trap and pin hole aren't familiar, it might be because you've heard instead the term "resist slivers.
Batteries are then placed in each side of the Lasergrip, the grip slides onto the backstrap, seated in place over the beavertail of the frame and the holes in the grip lined up with the trigger housing pin hole in the frame.
These pins fit in the front pivot pin hole and the rear takedown pin hole.
A WORKSHOP on pin hole photography is to take place at Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum later this month.
Side contests- Nearest the pin hole 7: Nasser Yacoob (prize sponsored by Project Systems Group).
where conventional pin hole detectors are said to be cost prohibitive, but where hole defects of 0.
One of the projects that will be taking place is a course on pin hole photography.