Pin lock

a lock having a cylindrical bolt; a lock in which pins, arranged by the key, are used instead of tumblers.

See also: Pin

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There is no firing pin lock screw on this rifle's breech bolt assembly and the faulty safety has three detents.
25-inch-diameter chromed locking bolts on three sides of the door, and a hardened steel pin lock system.
Users and process engineers will also benefit from ultimate process security with the addition of a 3-level PIN lock.
Joseph von Benedikt makes no reference to a firing pin lock on the Kimber Micro, such as the Colt Mustang Series 80 pistols have.
Just to be on the safe side, rear sight, side-plate screws, thumb piece and nut, and cylinder base pin lock parts would be good to have handy.
Ten studies compared the effects of liner material (type or thickness) or the suspension provided by liners (pin lock vs sleeve suspension [n = 2] and pin lock vs Seal-In [n = 6]).
There is also one additional screw in the center of what might be described as a pin lock "bow tie.
Josh Hodsdon, wrestling at 138 and 145 pounds, pinned King Phillip and Central Catholic opponents, won a major decision against Dracut, and used a reverse pin lock to best Milford.
26 -- Evernote for BlackBerry 10 update, brings better sharing as well as premium features including offline notebooks and the ability to PIN lock access their notes.
The Volvo CE quick coupler strategy is based on the Symmetrical Quick Coupler standard and Steelwrist's patented front pin lock coupler technology," said Karl Serneberg, Volvo CE's global director of attachments.
A spring-actuated pin lock locks the reel in place.