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Noun1.Pinaceae - a family of PinaceaePinaceae - a family of Pinaceae      
gymnosperm family - a family of gymnosperms
Coniferales, order Coniferales - profusely branching and chiefly evergreen trees and some shrubs having narrow or needlelike leaves
genus Pinus, Pinus - type genus of the Pinaceae: large genus of true pines
genus Larix, Larix - larches
genus Pseudolarix, Pseudolarix - one species: golden larch
Abies, genus Abies - true firs
Cedrus, genus Cedrus - true cedars
genus Picea, Picea - a genus of temperate and Arctic evergreen trees (see spruce)
genus Tsuga, Tsuga - hemlock; hemlock fir; hemlock spruce
genus Pseudotsuga, Pseudotsuga - douglas fir; closely related to genera Larix and Cathaya
genus Cathaya - one species; related to Pseudotsuga and Larix
genus Keteleeria - a genus of keteleeria
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hirta Velen (b) Pinus brutia Pinaceae Cam, Kizilcam Ten.
The most commonly studied trees were 8 reports on White or European Ash (Fraxinus Americana and excelsior); 5 reports on Sycamore (Platanus orientalis); 4 reports on Birch (Betula betulaceae), Oak (Quercus robur), and Pinus (Pinus pinaceae); 3 reports on Elam (Ulmus ulmaceae) and Olive (Oleaceae); 2 reports on Maple (Acer pseudoplatanus), Willow (Salicaceae), Mesquite (Prosopis julifera), Eucalyptus (Eucalyptus globulus), and Hazel (Alnus serrulata); and 1 report on Weeping willow (Salix babylonica), Beach (Fagaceae), and Cedar (Cupressus sempervirens).
Upland hardwood forest is a type of mesic upland habitat that includes a high diversity of plants and animals, including the overstory trees Florida maple (Acer saccharum floridanum (Chapm.) Small & A.Heller) (Sapindaceae), pignut hickory (Carya glabra (Mill.) Sweet) (Juglan-daceae), southern hackberry (Celtis occidentalis L.) (Cannabaceae), white ash (Fraxinus americana L.) (Oleaceae), sweetgum (Liquid-ambar styraciflua L.) (Altingaiceae), southern magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora L.) (Magnoliaceae), loblolly pine (Pinus taeda Blanco) (Pinaceae), white oak (Quercus alba L.) (Fagaceae), live oak (Q.
They belong to the genus Pinus, family Pinaceae and phylum Coniferophyta.
Forest trees belonging to Pinaceae, Fagaceae, Betulaceae, Nothophagaceae, Fabaceae, Gnetaceae, Leptospermoidae of Myrtaceae, Dipterocarpaceae and Amhersteae of Casalpiniaceae, which form dominant component in boreal, temperate and tropical rain forests, are reported to harbour a great diversity of ECM fungi.
Ocorrencia e recomendacoes para o manejo de Sirex noctilio Fabricius (Hymenoptera, Siricidae) em plantios de Pinus patula (Pinaceae) em Minas Gerais, Brasil.
Plants, such as the Pinaceae and Cupressaceae species (Pinuspatula, Cupressus lusitanica Miller) that corresponds to the predominant vegetation in this areawere recognized as possible sources of propolis (Meneses et al.