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n.1.A tablet; a register; hence, a list or scheme inscribed on a tablet.
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Bauhin was a Swiss physician and naturalist better known for his Pinax theatri botanica (Illustrated Exposition of Plants) published in 1623, a work famous for developing the first really sophisticated classification method for plants.
is a leading provider of services for the Django framework and the Pinax platform.
PK:DTEV) announced today that it's wholly owned subsidiary, Data Evolution Corporation, has received a substantial strategic investment from The Pinax Group Inc.
The Pinax Group's SwingTop(R) Technology Available for Future Products
The Pinax Group is presently in various stages of discussions with several companies worldwide to license our intellectual property related to the exciting SwingTop(R) industrial design," said Robert Sowah, The Pinax Group's Chief Executive Officer.
Addition of Clio(R) intellectual property allows The Pinax Group
Connectronics has been involved in the sales of The Pinax Group's award-winning Clio, a Window CE device that incorporates the patented SwingTop(R) design enabling the Clio to function as a touch-screen tablet or as a more traditional notebook with a full keyboard, since it was first introduced in 1998.
After its acquisition of Clio(TM) in November 2001, The Pinax Group Inc.
The Pinax Group is confident that the "point of" data collection capabilities of the Clio(R) will transform the way information is compiled in many sectors, including healthcare, research data surveys, and sales automation.