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Noun1.Pinchas Zukerman - Israeli violinist (born in 1948)Pinchas Zukerman - Israeli violinist (born in 1948)  
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Maestro Pinchas Zuckerman (left) conducted pieces by Mozart, Tartini, Orrenbach and Hoist, with solo performances by Zukerman's wife, cellist Amanda Forsyth (right) and trumpeter James Fountain to introduce New Yorkers to the American Friends of the (Royal Philharmonic) Orchestra.
Zubin has long been one of the multitalented group of Middle Eastern wondermusicians - Itzak Perlman, Daniel Barenboim, Pinchas Zuckerman and, before her premature death from multiple sclerosis, the lone Englander, the wonder-cellist Jacqueline du Pre.
He studied violin under the guidance of Chaim Taub, and later in New York with Glenn Dicterow and Pinchas Zuckerman.