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1. One that pinches.
2. Variant of pincer.


someone who pinches


(ˈpɪn tʃər)

1. one that pinches.
2. pinchers, (usu. with a pl. v.) pincers.
[1400–50; late Middle English pynchar niggard]
References in classic literature ?
The pincher," was his thought; "too miserly to burn two cents' worth of gas and save his boarders' necks.
I got this box at old Dives's sale," Pincher says, handing it round, "one of Louis XV's mistresses-- pretty thing, is it not?
I'll show I ain't a pincher," Nishikanta announced one day, after having broiled at the mast-head for five hours of sea-searching.
6MW second phase of the Castle Rock Ridge in Pincher Creek, Alberta, Canada
Mr Crabb and Chris Pincher MP were cleared by a panel, headed by an independent QC, of breaching the Conservatives' code of conduct.
STAFFORDSHIRE MP Christopher Pincher has given up a salary of PS17,917 by quitting his job as a government whip after newspaper claims.
The Mail on Sunday reported that Mr Pincher had been accused of making an unwanted pass at former Olympic rower and Conservative activist Alex Story.
CHRIS Pincher has quit his role as a Government whip and referred himself to police after it was claimed he made an unwanted pass at a party activist while wearing a bathrobe.
BATHROBE Alex Story, above, made claims about Pincher, inset
Chapman Pincher, who revealed secret after secret during his years as defence correspondent at the Daily Express, died of old age, his son said in a post on his Facebook page.
But it's a doberman pincher, who uses a doberman pincher as a seeing eye dog?
Boomerang Plastics, the pilot recycling line of Tamworth-based Summit Systems, recently welcomed local MP, Christopher Pincher, to its facility to demonstrate its bespoke machinery for the recycling of food-contaminated plastic.