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(Placename) a mountain range in central Greece between Epirus and Thessaly. Highest peak: Mount Smólikas, 2633 m (8639 ft). Modern Greek name: Píndhos


(ˈpɪn dəs)

a mountain range in central Greece: highest peak, 7665 ft. (2335 m).
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2015 pindos agricultural cooperative ptinotrofikos ioannina for the supply of fresh poultry 3) 4014 / 03.
54 million being paid to Greece's Kinopraxia Kypriakon Pthnotrofikon Proioton and Cyprus' PINDOS over two years for poultry promotion.
Take a look at the pretty mainland resorts of Sivota and Parga, on the wild and mountainous shore of the Ionian Sea, where there are big sandy beaches, attractive family resorts I and the option of renting a car and heading off into the wild blue yonder of Epirus and the Pindos Mountains, where there are hidden valleys, lost villages, lakes and ancient ruins.
Metso Panelboard will upgrade and deliver equipment for Alfa Wood -- Pindos SA's fiberboard production line in Greece.
Two sites were surveyed; the first was Nevrokopi, a small town in the Rhodope Mountains near the Greek-Bulgarian border, and the second site included Pramanta, a small village in the Pindos Mountains, and Matsuki, a small village in northwestern Greece.