Pine oil

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an oil resembling turpentine, obtained from fir and pine trees, and used in making varnishes and colors.

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Choice of food: We ate off the fixed price menu, and for starters we had ham hock and roast chorizo terrine, spiced tomato marmalade, apple puree, croutes and Hazelnut and frangipani, caramel and Rich chocolate chocolate cherry also roast garlic foraged mushrooms, parmesan custard, toasted brioche & pinenut crumb with pine oil.
Tenders are invited for procurement of PINE OIL ( IS 5757-1992 )
Cinnamon oil is the most preferred but some spells allow you to use pine oil as well.
Summary: Pine oil has antiseptic, expectorant and antioxidant properties and has been used for treatment of rheumatism, respiratory and urinary system and skin diseases.
The blend also contains peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, Scots pine oil, rosemary oil, tocopherol (natural vitamin E).
Orient Pine Oil Tanker Not Provided -- 03/05/16 04:40 -
Materials and Methods: The adulticidal efficacy of crude Neem oil extract, Pine oil extract and Til oil extract with five different concentrations i.
Testing showed that some of the standard components of pine oil, ocpinene and [beta]-pinene, were effective against various strains of Staphylococcus'.
Besides turpentine, a host of marketable by-products resulted from destructive distillation; these included heavy pine oil for veterinary use, pine tar for coating ship ropes, pine gums for varnish, a powerful disinfectant, an antiseptic face lotion, creosote, wood preservative, wood alcohol, cattle spray, sheep dip, shingle stain, wood filler, paraffin, soap, black paint, embalming fluid, and "tree paint," a sticky substance that snared harmful insects crawling on fruit trees.
Solvay Novecare offers: Repel-O-Tex, a range of soil release polymers to boost cleaning in powders and liquids to maintain fabric's whiteness; Mirapol Surf-S, a range of specialty polymers for hard surface cleaners; Rhodoclean EFC, a pine oil derived nonionic surfactant for low foam high pressure cleaning, CM and industrial cleaning; Mackam and Mirataine, efficient hydrotopes for transparent cleaners and streak-free glass cleaning; Mackam and Miranol, mild and efficient amphoteric surfactants to improve foam viscosity in hand dish washes and fine fabric detergents; Rhodiasolv Infinity, a green non-toxic, non-mutagenic, non-flammable emulsion for use in degreasers and spot removers for fabrics; and Mackamine, a good low-foam grease solubi-lizer with bleach, electrolyte and acid stability.
The guards poured pine solvent on the floor and used Khadr as a human mop, dragging him on his stomach back and forth through the mixture of urine and pine oil," according to the brief.
Enjoy tempting dishes as spiced pumpkin soup with roast chestnuts, creme fraiche and pine oil, or roast rib of Northumberland beef with Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and North country vegetables.