Pine weevil

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(Zool.) any one of numerous species of weevils whose larvæ bore in the wood of pine trees. Several species are known in both Europe and America, belonging to the genera Pissodes, Hylobius, etc.

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Natural Resources Wales (NRW) is spraying microscopic worms known as nematodes into and around conifer tree stumps to combat the pine weevil.
In order to reduce the use of chemical pesticides, Natural Resources Wales uses beneficial nematodes in the defence against Large Pine Weevil damage to young trees.
Responses of single olfactory cells in the pine weevil Hylobius abietis L.
Insect killers such as predatory beetles and nematode worms are being sent into battle against foreign bugs that threaten mass destruction on Welsh forests, from the great spruce bark beetle to the large pine weevil.
Some other insects and diseases that affect white pine today include the white pine weevil, red and black turpentine beetle, Caliciopsis canker, and Armillaria root disease.
The large pine weevil is European forestry's biggest insect threat and there are fears climate change could magnify its impact.
In one white pine stand off of Bowman Street that has not yet been touched, signs of the white pine weevil can be seen in trees with forked and crooked tops.
In pines, the white pine weevil or the Zimmerman pine moth are possible culprits.
Kielder Forest ( one of Europe's biggest man-made woodlands ( is under attack from the pine weevil beetle.
seed sowing (prepare beds, sow, grit and cover as required) - seedling transplanting (under cut and lift seedlings, transport, track beds and line out) - irrigation (post sowing, pre/post lining and during final growing season) - lifting, crating and transport of trees to grading shed - grading and crating of trees - movement of crated stock by forklift into and out of storage including stock rotation management - chemical pre-treatment of trees against pine weevil - range of manual nursery tasks such as putting on and removing crop protection covers, handling bags of trees for storage and dispatch, hand weeding, general maintenance etc.
Laboratory evaluation of plant-derived antifeedants against the pine weevil Hylobius abietis (Coleoptera: Curculionidae).