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(Biography) Sir Arthur Wing. 1855–1934, English dramatist. His works include the farce Dandy Dick (1887) and the problem play The Second Mrs Tanqueray (1893)


(pəˈnɪər oʊ, -ˈnɛər oʊ)

Sir Arthur Wing, 1855–1934, English playwright and actor.
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Seeing Benjamin Bratt as vindictive and hollow-eyed poet Miguel Pinero, lying in decrepit vans and endlessly puncturing his skin with needles, it's easy to accept the ``Pinero'' star's claim that he's more than just another Hollywood pretty face.
Speaking of American, Leon Ichaso's Pinero, which screened in competition, is a compelling biopic about Miguel Pinero (played by Julia Roberts's ex, Benjamin Bratt), the late poet/playwright who started writing in jail, co-founded the celebrated Nuyorican Poets Cafe, and wrote street rhymes that anticipated hip-hop.
Statistics are not yet available for imports in 2001, but spokespersons for the Movimiento Pinero said Mexican producers were only able to market about one-fifth of their total production of 480,000 MT because of increased supply and low prices.
Carnivore scats were collected opportunistically from roads and trails on Hato Pinero, a cattle ranch in the llanos, the seasonally flooding savanna of western Venezuela.
And on the sidewalks, wisdom was encountered: in Miguel Pinero selling heroin, in the stencils of Michael Roman, Anton Van Dalen, and Wojnarowicz, or in Futura 2000, outside the 51X Gallery on St.
1) Well, who cares whether Shaw's views on Pinero are sound or not?
Miguel Algarin, Pinero, and others had very definite ideas of how language should bend to express the experience of Puerto Rico, of colonialism, and of other Spanish-speaking brown and black people of the Caribbean and South America.
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8220;The growth of our event reflects the growth of the industry,” says Alejandro Pinero, Small Cells World Summit director, “small cells are becoming an integral part of cellular networks across the globe, and we are gathering more than 500 industry experts in London from 26 June, to discuss progress in small cell network deployments and mobile technology convergence.
Edwin Pinero, Chief Sustainability Officer at Veolia Water North America, will be the guest speaker.
Number three: It was like that when I got here HOMER JAY SIMPSON Where there's tea, there's hope SIR ARTHUR WING PINERO I used to be Snow White but I drifted MAE WEST If we did the things we are capable of doing we would literally astound oursleve THOMAS EDISON I love deadlines.