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Noun1.Pineus - a genus of Adelgidae
arthropod genus - a genus of arthropods
pine leaf aphid, Pineus pinifoliae - a variety of adelgid
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(11) Having lost all his bees Aristaeus is desperate and by the river Pineus he calls for help to his mother Cyrene, a river goddess.
Duncanson and fellow director Isaac Pineus visited the fair last year and were impressed.
Nordstrom plays a character named Pineus Fenster opposite the helmer's real-life dad, Paul, in this.moving yet somewhat inchoate drama, which suggests a rough-draft-like, alternate-reality version of how a serf-absorbed son copes with being his Parkinson's-stricken father's caregiver when he'd really rather be drinking, dating and smoking pot.
Plestiodon brevirostris pineus. Se observaron 19 individuos en el bosque de pino, donde muestran preferencia por estar debajo de piedras y troncos secos.
9, 2006,; Walter Pineus, Senate Panel Blocks Eavesdropping Probe, WASH.