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1. The head of a pin.
2. Something very small or insignificant.
3. Slang A stupid person; a dunce.

pin′head′ed adj.
pin′head′ed·ness n.
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1. the head of a pin
2. something very small
3. informal a stupid or contemptible person
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1. the head of a pin.
2. a stupid person; nitwit.
3. something very small or insignificant.
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Noun1.pinhead - an ignorant or foolish personpinhead - an ignorant or foolish person  
simpleton, simple - a person lacking intelligence or common sense
2.pinhead - the head of a pin
head - a projection out from one end; "the head of the nail", "a pinhead is the head of a pin"
pin - a small slender (often pointed) piece of wood or metal used to support or fasten or attach things
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[ˈpɪnhed] N
1. (lit) → cabeza f de alfiler
2. (= idiot) → mentecato m, cabeza f de chorlito
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[ˈpɪnhɛd] n
(= top of a pin) → tête f d'épingle
andouille f
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References in classic literature ?
In fact, in his boyhood, before he had been named Beauty by his fellows, he had been called "Pinhead."
Mycelium is a collection of tissues which differentiate further into caps and stalks of fruit body which is called as pinhead.
Incredibly, master miniature engraver Graham Short also found room for the Three Lions emblem - but then he did once hand engrave the Lord's Prayer on the top of a gold pinhead.
Tellwright said: "It shows you to some degree how clerks dance on a pinhead. It was agreed last night that the ground was on the fast side, but we had 7mm of rain through the morning and here we are at good to soft with some jockeys saying it's now soft."
Usually you cannot see the mites as they are about the size of a pinhead.
Researchers who label newly discovered genes with colorful names are causing problems, according to an article from the New York Times, which mentions genes named "lunatic fringe," "head case," and "one-eyed pinhead." The Human Genome Organization is reportedly renaming some of the most creatively named genes.
He notes that he has seen "El" referenced in places as diverse as a hotel shampoo bottle and the comic strip Zippy the Pinhead. Religious scholars from all faiths have written to say that the concepts resonate with spiritual teachings.
I feel a snooze coming on because this sounds like angels on a pinhead.
At the time, the author points out, most homes didn't have electricity and microscopes couldn't reveal things much smaller than a pinhead. In recounting the history of Cockcroft and Walton's achievement, Cathcart begins with Ernest Marsden's observations in 1909 of flashes of light bouncing from a piece of glass under a microscope.