Pink salt

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(Chem. & Dyeing) the double chlorides of (stannic) tin and ammonium, formerly much used as a mordant for madder and cochineal.

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World second-biggest Salt reserve is in Khewara district Pakistan, from where we are getting pink salt which is the most demanded Salt in the world.
The wellness journeys feature a five-hour Samadhi or concentration, a floral foot ritual, a Chi Nei Tsang massage, a Himalayan pink salt scrub, a golden cocoon silk facial, a Tibetan praying wheel meditation, incense stick making and a monk blessing ceremony.
"Nutrient-dense," says Terrasoul Superfoods Himalayan Pink Salt. "84 minerals."
Shan Himalayan Pink Salt is extracted from the foothills of the Himalayas, in its natural state.
A wider selection of mid-flight movie snacks includes an array of cheese and crackers, chocolate bar, potato crisps and popcorn, with flavours such as Himalayan Salted Caramel and French Butter and Pink Salt provided by gourmet popcorn brand 4700BC.
In addition to the pink salt, we use table salt here.
Pakistan used to produce pink salt, which helped it earn millions of dollars for decades.
Add flour and 1/2 teaspoon pink salt and pulse several times, just to combine.
We all headed home with jars of pink salt, personally handed to us by the bride and groom, in the hope that all the guests season their lives.
The Alibaba founder lauded that small craft factories flourishing in Pakistan and mentioned the country's world famous products particularly footballs and Himalayan pink salt.
KALLO POPPED SNACKS SINGLE PACK 75P, SHARING PACK PS1.95, KALLO.COM THESE guilt-free, low calorie nibbles come in four flavours - Himalayan sea salt and Sicilian lemon vinegar; Himalayan pink salt and hint of black pepper; sour cream and dill; and wasabi and soy sauce.