a.1.Having small eyes.
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Gradgrind, a little, thin, white, pink-eyed bundle of shawls, of surpassing feebleness, mental and bodily; who was always taking physic without any effect, and who, whenever she showed a symptom of coming to life, was invariably stunned by some weighty piece of fact tumbling on her; Mrs.
Past the old church, and down the footpath, pottered the old man and the child hand-in-hand early on the afternoon of the day before the feast, and wandered all round the ground, which was already being occupied by the "cheap Jacks," with their green- covered carts and marvellous assortment of wares; and the booths of more legitimate small traders, with their tempting arrays of fairings and eatables; and penny peep-shows and other shows, containing pink-eyed ladies, and dwarfs, and boa-constrictors, and wild Indians.
And then they inspect the penny peep-show--at least Tom does-- while old Benjy stands outside and gossips and walks up the steps, and enters the mysterious doors of the pink-eyed lady and the Irish giant, who do not by any means come up to their pictures; and the boa will not swallow his rabbit, but there the rabbit is waiting to be swallowed; and what can you expect for tuppence?
What name is given to pink-eyed animals which lack the skin pigment melanin?
What name is given to pink-eyed animals Geri Halliwell - see Question 6 Holland?
The Christmas spirit tale about the pink-eyed protaganist with a heart two sizes too small is as poignant today as it was in 1957.
It ended after new year, when he emerged, runny- nosed and pink-eyed, into the weak January sunlight, like a new-born Easter chick.
And the doting dog is more than hoppy to be a surrogate father to the mischievous pink-eyed little wallaby.
Eileen, who is a member of the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, couldn't believe her eyes when one of them hatched open to reveal a pure white, pink-eyed albino chick.
Why, even Miz Hot Tips covered her paper cut with the pink-eyed frog, which is one of several tattoolike designs from 3M Nexcare Waterproof Bandages.