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Pinkster flower
(Bot.) the rosy flower of the Azalea nudiflora; also, the shrub itself; - called also Pinxter blomachee by the New York descendants of the Dutch settlers.
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As well as a good stock of real ales Fruli strawberry beer, Portland Stout, Dortmunder pils, Pinkster gin and even its own Gypsy Rover branded Hereford cider are among the tipples expected to prove popular.
In addition, Havik, Steyvers, van der Velde, Pinkster, and Kooijman (2010) found improvement in Trekker users' self-reported orientation and mobility (O&M) skills and a change in attitude toward feeling safer and more independent.
KRESA received more than $36,000 of the total incentive, with the remainder going to the architect, Tower Pinkster of Kalamazoo.
Their burial patterns bore an African stamp and in festivals, such as Pinkster, the leaders ratified into power were African- born.
Among her topics are the influence of the Dutch on the American kitchen, food ways of the Dutch and Iroquois, the Saint Nicholas celebration, the Pinkster celebration, and the New York Dutch in world food trade.
According to Stuckey, Pinkster music and dance and the Ring Shout, "the most influential slave dance in nineteenth-century America" (33), served as particularly important black aesthetic touchstones for Melville.
In 2006, Benjamin and Evans joined up with fellow Code Pinkster Cindy Sheehan for a journey to Venezuela to schmooze with one of their favorite ruckus-raisers (after Fidel Castro, that is): Hugo Chavez.
Adrian Pinkster, who once belonged to the same pub-based pigeon club as Stockton, had known the heavily-built father for 20 years.
Other lapsed American traditions include Guy Fawkes Day, Juneteenth, and Pinkster.
In Unity in Diversity, Harm Pinkster and Inge Genee (eds.
Drawing on the work of Sterling Stuckey, William Piersen, and others, the Hortons emphasize the African aspects of Pinkster and Election Day celebrations that were common occurrences during this era.
In addition, there are useful contributions by Pinkster on word-order; by Green (exceptionally clear and concise) on the loss of the passive; by McKitterick on the importance of the historical context; and by Banniard on the Germanic dimension; finally, there is an heroic attempt by Stengaard to explain the Glosas Emillanenses.