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Pinkster flower
(Bot.) the rosy flower of the Azalea nudiflora; also, the shrub itself; - called also Pinxter blomachee by the New York descendants of the Dutch settlers.
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com) is a jar of raspberries left over from making Pinkster gin.
van der Schoot CE, Daams GM, Pinkster J, Vet R, von dem Borne AE.
Design and construction on the project involved Tower Pinkster, JDH Structural Engineering and Rockford Construction.
pulex--and since the two cryptic species are often considered as a single taxonomic unit (Karaman and Pinkster, 1977)--all individuals were used in this study.
In fact, living in a disadvantaged neighborhood does not mean just living in a neighborhood with poor physical conditions, but it also means having limited educational opportunities (Gordon & Monastiriotis, 2006, Butler & Hamnett, 2007, Butler, Hamnett & Ramsden, 2013), difficulties finding a job (Rodriguez, 2004, Pinkster, 2012), access to scarce public services and quality equipments, or suffering the effects of residence stigma.
El unico que se encontro fue el de Pinkster (1995), quien estudia los verbos bivalentes en un corpus limitado.
Pinkster (1995) marca la discrepancia entre estructuras semanticas y sintacticas, y ejemplifica el "ascenso" a sujeto con ejemplos como los siguientes:
In addition, Havik, Steyvers, van der Velde, Pinkster, and Kooijman (2010) found improvement in Trekker users' self-reported orientation and mobility (O&M) skills and a change in attitude toward feeling safer and more independent.
Besides the ten regular Symposia on all topics relevant in Offshore engineering, there are three special Symposia for Dutch researchers who gave important contributions to offshore research: Jan Vugts, Jo Pinkster and Johan Wichers
Their burial patterns bore an African stamp and in festivals, such as Pinkster, the leaders ratified into power were African- born.
Asi lo entiende Pinkster al afirmar que "los pronombres relativos estan ligados inmediatamente a la informacion previa y son, por tanto, Topicos" (55).
Among her topics are the influence of the Dutch on the American kitchen, food ways of the Dutch and Iroquois, the Saint Nicholas celebration, the Pinkster celebration, and the New York Dutch in world food trade.