Pinot Grigio

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Pinot Gri·gi·o

also pinot gri·gi·o (grē′zhē-ō)
n. pl. Pinot Gri·gi·os also pinot gri·gi·os
1. A variety of grape grown in Italy that is used to make white wine.
2. A dry white wine made from this grape.

[Italian (partial translation of French pinot gris; see Pinot Gris) : French pinot, Pinot; see Pinot + Italian grigio, gray (of Germanic origin; akin to English gray).]
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Pinot Grigio

(ˈpiːnəʊ ˈɡriːdʒəʊ)
1. (Plants) a variety of grape, grown in Italy for wine-making
2. (Brewing) any of the white Italian wines made from this grape
[Italian grigio grey]
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BAREFOOT PINOT GRIGIO SAINSBURY'S, PS6.75 BAREFOOT Pinot Grigio is incredibly crisp and full of delightful citrus and peach flavours, which makes it a great pairing with an array of dishes including chicken, seafood, spicy pasta and pizzas.
AS REGULAR readers of my winey scribblings will know - or certainly get the impression - I'm not a great fan of that popular Italian drop, pinot grigio.
BANFI SAN ANGELO PINOT GRIGIO 2017 (PICTURED, PS17.99 THEDRINKSHOP.COM) AS I have mentioned before, Pinot Grigio can be a source of disappointment.
Cavit's new Terrazze Della Luna Pinot Grigio Rosato 2018 is set to appeal to lovers of good Pinot Grigio as well as fans of quality Rose.
A cool fall evening, a cold glass of Pinot Grigio and a light dinner al fresco.
I'm a bit sad when people say their favourite wine is PG (my shorthand for pinot grigio).
Alsace Pinot Gris 2016 Morrisons This is a richer, fruity wine for people who always reach for a classic pinot grigio. It's packed with apple and pear, and best drunk with salmon or Chinese food.
2017 Freeman's Bay Pinot Gris PS5.79 at Aldi Despite using the same grape variety, wine labelled as pinot gris usually differs appreciably from what we know as pinot grigio. That is certainly so here where pinot grigio's floral, tropical fruit influences are replaced by herbal edged, greengage and melon fruit, firm acidity and a smooth rich texture.
Zonin Prosecco Grey Edition: Glera & Pinot Grigio cuvee.
We have teamed up with Bargain Booze, the UK's No1 award-winning local off licence chain to treat you to a free mini bottle of The Straw Hat British wine or Kissing Tree Pinot Grigio to enjoy.
Sparkling wine virtually ties with Pinot Grigio in terms of sales.
Fastest Growing Wine Varietal On-Premise, 2012-2013 2012 2013 Rank Varietal Share Varietal Share 1 Chardonnay 19.4% Chardonnay 19.9% 2 Merlot 18.3% Merlot 16.4% 3 Pinot noir 9.7% Cabernet sauvignon 12.2% 4 Cabernet sauvignon 9.2% Pinot noir 9.4% 5 Pinot grigio 8.9% Pinot grigio 9.2% 6 Malbec 4.3% Moscato 6.0% 7 Shiraz 4.0% Malbec 5.2% 8 Riesling 3.9% White zinfandel 4.2% 9 Moscato 3.9% Shiraz 3.1% 10 White zinfandel 3.8% Sauvignon blanc 2.9% Source: OnTrac