Pinot Grigio

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Pinot Gri·gi·o

also pinot gri·gi·o (grē′zhē-ō)
n. pl. Pinot Gri·gi·os also pinot gri·gi·os
1. A variety of grape grown in Italy that is used to make white wine.
2. A dry white wine made from this grape.

[Italian (partial translation of French pinot gris; see Pinot Gris) : French pinot, Pinot; see Pinot + Italian grigio, gray (of Germanic origin; akin to English gray).]

Pinot Grigio

(ˈpiːnəʊ ˈɡriːdʒəʊ)
1. (Plants) a variety of grape, grown in Italy for wine-making
2. (Brewing) any of the white Italian wines made from this grape
[Italian grigio grey]
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A 125ml glass contains 52 calories - half of a standard pinot grigio - and is 5.
I WAS so happy the other day when I converted a pal from pinot grigio to another white wine.
Happy is an understatement; it one of my life's missions to widen the horizons of pinot grigio drinkers who find themselves stuck in a comfort zone.
Zonin Prosecco Grey Edition: Glera & Pinot Grigio cuvee.
We have teamed up with Bargain Booze, the UK's No1 award-winning local off licence chain to treat you to a free mini bottle of The Straw Hat British wine or Kissing Tree Pinot Grigio to enjoy.
Sparkling wine virtually ties with Pinot Grigio in terms of sales.
Sutter Home has added a Pink Pinot Grigio and a Red Moscato to its extensive lineup of wines.
The recently engaged actress teamed up with California-based distributor Wilson Daniels to create a crisp, dry and fruity white Pinot Grigio made of grapes from northern Italy.
Feeding on consumers' passion for two Italian culinary traditions--salame and fine wine--San Francisco-based Columbus Foods has introduced a line of Columbus Italian-style Dry-cured Wine Salame made from 100% pork, along with Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Sauvignon wine and spices and seasonings.
My friends in Villa Maria in New Zealand seem to enjoy showing the old world what it can achieve with the European grapes such as riesling and pinot grigio.
The 2007 Estate Pinot Grigio took best of varietal, best of class and a double gold from the 2008 Jerry D.