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(ˈpɪn ski)
Robert, born 1940, U.S. poet: poet laureate 1997–2000.
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Shapiro closed the meeting with a recitation from a play by David Pinski about the Kishinev pogrom, which one of those in attendance described later: "He spoke like a novi (prophet), prayed like a baltfile (leader of prayers).
Established in November of 2013 by Great Falls District Judge Gregory Pinski, this program requires participants to attend hundreds of meetings and treatments sessions with legal and health professionals over an 18 month period.
The page rank algorithm based on the theoretical work of Pinski and Narin (1976) patented by Stanford University and used widely in search engines was used by Licamele and Getoor (2006); Subbian et al.
Drew Pinski to explain her relationship with Farrah.
But hitting the right price point, especially for consumers who buy wine to drink immediately, can be key, says Michael Pinski, president of Premiere Wine Brokers, Sonoma, Calif.
Pinski, "Acute Myocardial Infarction and Complete Bundle Branch Block A Hospital Admission Clinical Characteristics and Outcome in the Thrombolytic Era.
Pinski is a member of a Speakers' Bureau for Janssen, Astellas, and Dendreon and is currently or has participated in clinical trials for Xanthus Life Sciences, Sanofi-Aventis, Eli Lilly, Cougar Biotechnology, and Millenium Pharmaceuticals.
These collections published such disparate authors as Yoysef Opatoshu, Dovid Pinski, S.
We define the "top" by the ranking of institutions by influence in the network of citations using eigenvalue centrality; for details, see Pinski and Narin (1976).
Additionally, parents assessed their family's support for exercise using a 13-item Support for Exercise Scale (Sallis, Grossman, Pinski, Patterson, & Nader, 1987).
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Sallis, Pinski, Grossman, Patterson, & Nader, 1988), and self-efficacy for teaching health education (e.