Pinus edulis

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Noun1.Pinus edulis - small compact two-needled pinon of southwestern United States; important as a nut pine
nut pine - any of several pinons bearing edible nutlike seeds
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Given those precedents and suitable economic conditions," Lanner writes, "there is no technical reason that Pinus edulis could not be successfully cultivated or managed in improved wild stands.
Primordia of Pinus edulis strobili are produced in winter buds that form between August and October.
In Pinus edulis, nearly one-half of the seeds in mature cones are empty (Vander Wall & Balda, 1977; Ligon, 1978), and for P.
MATERIALS AND METHODS--Study Species--Two-needle pinyon pine, Pinus edulis, is a slow-growing, long-lived conifer found primarily in the Southwestern United States and the Colorado Plateau at elevations between 1,400 and 2,700 meters above sea level (m a.
Precipitation thresholds and drought-induced tree die-off: insights from patterns of Pinus edulis mortality along an environmental stress gradient.
The Fallax pinyon pine, listed in the Register as Pinus edulis var.
arenicola * (FL) HOLLY Georgia Ilex longpipes * (SC, GA, LA) HOLLY Sarvis Ilex amelanchier * (NC, SC, GA, FL, LA) HOLLY Tawnberry Ilex krugiana (FL) LICARIA Florida Licaria triandra * (FL) LOCUST Kelsey Robinia kelseyi * (NC, TN, KY) MAIDENBRUSH Savia bahamensis * (FL) MAIDENBRUSH Marlberry Ardisia escallonioides * (FL) MESQUITE Screwbean Prosopis pubescens (TX, NM, AZ, UT, NV, CA) NECTANDRA Florida Nectandra coriacea * (FL) OAK McDonald Quercus macdonaldii * (CA) OAK Northern pin Quercus ellipsoidalis (MI, WI, MN) OAK Turkey Quercus laevis (VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, MS LA) PAWPAW Bigflower Asimina obovata * (NC, SC, GA, FL) PEPPERTREE Brazil Schinus terebinthifolia # (TX, CA) PINE Fallax pinyon Pinus edulis var.
The utilization of Pinus edulis seeds--also called pinon nuts, pine nuts, and Indian nuts--has declined dramatically since its peak in the 1930s.
Key words: ectomycorrhizae; environmental stress; herbivory; herbivore removal; Pinus edulis.
The significance of variability in cone production in Pinus edulis.