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A series of variations on a martial theme or traditional dirge for the highland bagpipes.

[Scottish Gaelic pìobaireachd, pipe music, from pìobair, piper, from pìob, pipe, from Middle Irish píp, from Medieval Latin pīpa, from Vulgar Latin *pīpa; see pipe.]


(ˈpiːbrɒk; Gaelic ˈpiːbrɒx)
1. (Music, other) a form of music for Scottish bagpipes, consisting of a theme and variations
2. (Music, other) a piece of such music
[C18: from Gaelic piobaireachd, from piobair piper]


(ˈpi brɒx)

a series of martial or dirgelike variations for the Scottish Highlands bagpipe.
[1710–20; < Scottish Gaelic piobaireachd piper music, derivative of piobair piper]


A Scottish word for a piece of bagpipe music.
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Noun1.pibroch - martial music with variations; to be played by bagpipes
martial music, military march, military music - brisk marching music suitable for troops marching in a military parade
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And they start with the piobaireachd workshop at Barfil Farm, Crocketford, on Saturday, February 17 from 10am to 3 pm.
The author believes that Fingal and Ossian flourished around the twelfth century AD (most people think the third century); it is suggested that the great classical scholar Thomas Blackwell regarded oral tradition with disdain, when the reverse is the case (Blackwell was one of the pioneers of the view of Homer as an oral bard); two different dates, 1903 and 1909, are given for the foundation of the important regulatory body the Piobaireachd Society (1903 is the correct one); at one point the composer and teacher Niccolo Pasquali is given as "Pasuali"; we are told that the Scots Musical Museum was published in three volumes between 1787 and 1803 (it was published in six volumes); we learn that Donald Roy MacCrimmon, one of the famous Skye dynasty of hereditary pipers, "around 1777 .
The Big Music is the twenty-first century result of traditional connections between piobaireachd and song in Gaelic culture, and literary interface between music/sound and the page encompassing Gaelic poetry and Modernist fiction; in this sense, it is a testimonial of Scotland's current cultural standing and awareness.
Kirsty Gunn's choice to focus on piobaireachd rather than bagpipe music more broadly takes the understanding of Scottish music to a higher level.
Possibly its highest achievement in repertoire, in terms of musical refinement, is what is known as pibroch--in Gaelic piobaireachd.
Whether you are looking to listen to piobaireachd, have a party or are parents looking for a fun day out with the kids, Piping Live
He was the youngest piper to triumph in the two most prestigious competitions for piobaireachd - the classical music of the Highland pipe - when he was just 16.
Due thanks are also offered to Dave Clement and Bill Wotherspoon of The Piobaireachd Society ('piobaireachd' being the classical music of the Highland bagpipes).
The code, expected to be adopted in October, was drawn up jointly by the Piobaireachd Society, the Competing Pipers' Association and representatives of competition organisers.
I joined the local Milngavie pipe band and helped out with children there, and studied Piobaireachd - that's classical bagpiping.
I like a Piobaireachd tune called Desperate Battle Of The Birds - it's haunting.