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n.1.A pioneer.
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Nor wanted clouds of foot, nor, on each horn, Cuirassiers all in steel for standing fight, Chariots, or elephants indorsed with towers Of archers; nor of labouring pioners A multitude, with spades and axes armed, To lay hills plain, fell woods, or valleys fill, Or where plain was raise hill, or overlay With bridges rivers proud, as with a yoke: Mules after these, camels and dromedaries, And waggons fraught with utensils of war.
As when bands Of Pioners with Spade and Pickaxe arm'd Forerun the Royal Camp, to trench a Field, Or cast a Rampart.
The Two Trains of the title are Minor and Pioner, which played a central role in the development of the capital city Reykjavik a century ago and are the only two ever to travel within the country, and the album blends Iceland's choral traditions into a sound drawing on the electronica of GusGus.
Electronic auction: execution of works on the overhaul of the heating system of the building of the kdc of sdc "young pioneer" in mku kdo "luch" of the mezhozerny village soviet of the barabinsky district of the novosibirsk region in the village of yuny pioner at 31, vesennaya st.
Finalmente, se analizaron los discos para determinar concentraciones de elementos mayores y traza por medio de Fluorescencia de Rayos X (FRX) en un Broker S4 Pioner, y por medio de un espectrometro de masas (LA-ICP-MS) en un Micromass Platform ICP-MS, respectivamente.
Del maiz Bt, se encuentran distintos eventos como son BT11, Bt176, MON810, MON863, patentados por las Industrias de Pioner Hi-Bred y Monsanto.
Constantin BALACEANU STOLNICI: medic neurolog, pioner in domeniul neurociberneticii, Profesor de Neuropsihologie si Anatomie a Sistemului nervos, membru de onoare al Academiei Romane.
The major organization protesting against the dismantlement of the rail line in the eastern parts of Sofia is the nationalist party VMRO, which also protests against the future sale of the plot around the current Pioner train station along the route of the line to private firms.
lt;<Senyor president, senyores i senyors diputats, em correspon de presentar en nom del Govern el Projecte de llei sobre eis centres de culte o de reunio amb fins religiosos, un projecte pioner, el primer d'Europa que regula especificament les condicions de centres de culte (.