(pyôt′sē), Hester Lynch Also known as "Mrs. Thrale" (thrāl) 1741-1821.
British writer whose books Anecdotes of the Late Samuel Johnson (1786) and Letters to and from the Late Samuel Johnson (1788) recount her friendship with the famed lexicographer.


(Biography) Hester Lynch. See (Hester Lynch) Thrale


(piˈɒt si)

Hester Lynch, Thrale, Hester Lynch.
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Piozzi's recollections of Johnson, and looked up with the fun still in her face.
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The Godmersham copy of the third edition of William Mason's poem The English Garden (1778) is currently in the collection of Loftus Jestin; Thoughts Moral and Divine (1756) by Well ins Calcott is in the collection of William Zachs; and Hester Piozzi's Observations and Reflections Made in the Course of a Journey through France, Italy, and Germany (1789) is in private hands in England.
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He knew enough Johnsonian and Piozzi literature that he seemed to move easily as an equal.
Le metafore di genere sono peraltro connaturate alla letteratura di viaggio: Chloe Chard per esempio spiega come nel Grand Tour le terre visitate e le genti che le abitavano fossero invariabilmente femminilizzate; il viaggio infatti era una forma di arricchimento culturale di stampo maschile e aristocratico, nel quale il viaggiatore imparava a "trattare il mondo come un uomo tratta la sua amante" (Piozzi qtd.
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