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Noun1.Pipidae - tongueless frogs
amphibian family - any family of amphibians
tongueless frog - almost completely aquatic frog native to Africa and Panama and northern South America
genus Pipa, Pipa - type genus of the Pipidae
genus Xenopus, Xenopus - an African clawed frog; in some classifications made the type genus of a separate family Xenopodidae
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Ranidae, Pipidae, Phrynobatrachidae, Bufonidae), were collected by local villagers and fishermen.
A scenario for the evolution of AQP6 involved in cutaneous water absorption may be that a single gene for AQP6vs (type 1) occurred early in anuran evolution and was inherited by aquatic Pipidae, including Xenopus (Saitoh et al.
Basal anurans of the clade Pipidae have been recorded from several localities in outcrops from the Mid-to Late Cretaceous of Brazil and Argentina (see BAEZ, 2000).