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n.1.(Zool.) A large voracious fresh-water fish (Serrasalmo piraya) of South America, having lancet-shaped teeth.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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CREDITS: (DOCUMENTARY--DENMARK-INDONESIA-NORWAYFINLAND-U.K.) A Final Cut for Real presentation of an Anonymous, Making Movies Oy, Piraya Film production in association with Spring Films.
Piraya has been running okay and Tom Scu thought this might suit him.
On his previous outing, he was beaten over 40 lengths by Piraya at Ascot in December, but the Williams' yard is in much better form now and he turned around the form, finishing 10 lengths in front of his rival at Hereford.
Paul's Top Tips KEMPTON 4.10 Chillie Peppar 4.40 Galician 5.10 Famagusta 5.40 Colinca's Lad 6.10 Perfect Act 6.40 Mount McLeod 7.10 Jobe 7.40 Peponi NEWBURY 12.30 Arctic Actress 1.00 Merehead 1.35 Sentimentaljourney (nap) 2.10 Grands Crus 2.45 Piraya 3.20 Right Stuff 3.50 Barenger TAUNTON 12.40 Dancewiththedevil 1.10 Rob Conti 1.45 I Can Run Can You 2.20 Arab League 2.55 Briefcase 3.30 Hobb's Dream 4.00 Milly Malone UTTOXETER 12.20 Phoenix Flight 12.50 Cross Kennon 1.25 American Spin 2.00 Bob's Dream 2.35 Code Blue 3.05 Spirit Calling 3.40 San Telm TOMORROW WOLVERHAMPTON 4.00 Punching 4.30 Priors Gold 5.05 Sofias Number One 5.35 Spinning Ridge 6.10 Adranian 6.40 Decision By One 7.10 Mount McLeod 7.40 Tarooq TOMORROW'S JUMPS MEETINGS ARE AT DONCASTER, MUSSELBURGH AND NEWBURY
FULL finishing order of the 2011 John Smith's Grand National: First: BALLABRIGGS (D McCain) J Maguire 14-1 Second: Oscar Time (M Lynch) SWaley-Cohen 14-1 Third: Don't Push It (Jonjo O'Neill) AP McCoy 9-1 Fourth: State Of Play (E Williams) P Maloney 28-1 Fifth: Niche Market (P Nicholls) H Skelton 16-1 Sixth: The Midnight Club (W Mullins) RWalsh 15-2f Other finishers: Seventh: Big Fella Thanks, eighth: Surface To Air, ninth: Skippers Brig, 10th: Backstage, 11th: King Fontaine, 12th: Silver By Nature, 13th: In Compliance, 14th: Bluesea Cracker, 15th: Character Building, 16th: Golden Kite, 17th: Chief Dan George, 18th: Royal Rosa, 19th: Piraya.
The piraya piranha, aka the maneating piranha, inhabits Brazil's S...o Francisco river basin and is one of the largest piranhas, measuring up to 50cm.
Finally, only two greys have won the race which would seem to rule out Character Building, Silver By Nature, Quolibet and Piraya.
Where they finished: 1st Don't Push It (10-1 joint-favourite), 2nd Black Apalachi (14-1), 3rd State of Play (16-1), 4th Big Fella Thanks (10-1 joint-favourite), 5th Hello Bud, 6th Snowy Morning, 7th Character Building, 8th Cloudy Lane, 9th Tricky Trickster, 10th Joe Lively, 11th Cerium, 12th Comply Or Die, 13th Piraya, 14th Preists Leap.
OTHERS: 5th - Hello Bud (20-1); 6th - Snowy Morning (14-1); 7th - Character Building (16-1); 8th - Cloudy Lane (25-1); 9th - Tricky Trickster (16-1); 10th -Joe Lively (33-1); 11th Cerium (50-1); 12th Comply Or Die (12-1); 13th Piraya (100-1); 14th Preists Leap (100-1)