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n.1.(Zool.) The Canada lynx.
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Tenders are invited for construction of shilikchay thang to pishu kargil rd 0 to 800mtrs and limb rd 0-400rm (beautification of town)
For the lower halfof the body, trousers made from wool called kangois covered up until theknee with a skirt-like piece called pishu.Women wear an apron-like shingkha which reaches a little below the knees.
The co-founders, Pishu Ganglani and Ricky Husaini have been residents of the UAE for over 20 years and have held senior management positions in banking, consultancy and financial services at large regional and multinational organizations.
Recent studies indicated that Zhongwan (CV12) acupuncture point is associated with related acupuncture points in the conception vessel, governor vessel, and bladder meridian of the foot taiyang, such as acupoints Feishu (BL13), Xinshu (BL15), Ganshu (BL18), Pishu (BL20), Shenshu (BL23), and Dachangshu (BL25) [28].
Shchedrina's works include "la pishu kah ekho drugogo ...
(22) Nabokov likened himself to a cross ('pomes") between Apukhtin and General MacArthur in a letter to Mark Aldanov of 23 July 1948 (Andrei Chernyshev, 'Kak redko teper' pishu po-russki [...].
Tenders are invited for Providing drinking water supply facilities to pilgrims security personals ngo langers etc during sh amar nath ji yatra 2019-20 at pishu top station 3rd
Tenders are invited for Permanent restoration of 1 X 64 mtr Span Foot Suspension Bridge at Pishu, Zanskar
(Moscow: Voennoe izdatel'stvo, 1990-95); Pis "ma s fronta i na front: 1941-1945 (Smolensk: Smiadyn', 1991); Iz utorii zemli Tomskoi 1941-1945: Ia pishu tebe s voiny...
Tenders are invited for Restroration of Pishu Irrigation Canal from (RD 3275-3640)Mtr damaged due to Bursting of Phuktal artificial Lake at Zanskar
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