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Noun1.Pisonia - genus of often thorny tropical trees and shrubs and some vines; mainly America
caryophylloid dicot genus - genus of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers
Allioniaceae, family Allioniaceae, family Nyctaginaceae, four-o'clock family, Nyctaginaceae - a family of flowering plants of the order Caryophyllales
Pisonia aculeata, cockspur - small spiny West Indian tree
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It's restaurant rush hour off the shores of Heron Island, a coral cay sprouting with dense pisonia forest and ringed by a brilliant white halo of sand, off the east coast of Australia at the southern end of the Great Barrier Reef.
Diospyros maritima is the most common species, followed by Bischofia javanica, Drypetes littoralis, Pisonia umbellifera, Laportea pterostigma, Aglaia formosana, Palaquium formosanum, Gonocaryum calleryanum and Pouteria obovata.
1 IV Lantana camara -- 1 IV Urochloa humidicola -- 1 IV Lianas Pisonia aculeata -- 1 V Smilax havanensis -- 1 V Stigmaphyllon sagreanum -- 1 V Gouania lupuloides -- 1 V Serjania diversifolia -- 1 V Chiococca alba -- 1 V Turbina corymbosa -- 1 IV Tragia hexandra -- 1 IV Epiphytes Tillandsia fasciculata -- 1 IV Scattered species in the canopy layer: cedar (Cedrela odorata), carbonero, bijaguara (Colubrina ferruginosa), guama (Lonchocarpus domingensis), penda, roble (Tabebuia sp.
Gillett/ Burseraceae Jatoba/ Hymenaea SP/Leguminosae 54 9 151 Brazilian Grape Tree/ Jabuticaba/ 2 39 4 Myrcia cauliflora Berg/ Myrtaceae Joao Mole/ Pisonia tormentosa Casar/ 10 14 Nictaginaceae Leopard tree/ Juca/ Pau-ferro/ 14 2 3 Caesalpinia ferrea Mart.
Some coconut trees were also cut down and native vegetation including Pisonia grandis and Morinda citrifolia were encouraged to regenerate.
222 It was reported that ani- mals receiving isoniazid showed periportal inflammat- ion fatty changes liver cell necrosis ballooning dege- neration vascular congestion pyknosis and apoptosis; these histopathological changes were reversed by vari- ous drugs and herbs such as cimetidine Pisonia Acu- leate (Nyctaginaceae) Jetepar (Glucometamine gluco- diamine nicotinamide ascorbate) Embelia Tsjeriam Cottam fruit Vitex negundo (five leaved chaste tree) leaf extract and aqueous extract of Azadirachta indica (Neem leaves) respectively.
Euphorbiaceae Platyginey urens Mercier Pringa mosa Flacurciaceae Caseria aculeata (Jacq) Jia peluda Meliaceae Trichilia glabra L Siguaraya Trichilia hirta L Cabo de hacha Nyctaginaceae Pisonia aculeata L Zarza Papaveraceae Agremone mexicana L Cardo santo Papilionaceae Desmodium unicinatum D.
Studies of the population ecology of the mistletoe Phoradendron anceps (Viscaceae) and its host Pisonia albida (Nyctaginaceae) in the Guanica Forest Reserve, Puerto Rico.