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n.1.An epistle.
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Tenders are invited for Pneumatic Reviting Hammer, Conforming Is:7979/1990 Base Make Or Similar, Capacity Rivet-20-24 Mm, Opening Pressuer- 70 To 100 Psi., Air Inlet- Half Inch , Handle- Open Handle Pistel Grip., Type Of Threttle- Thumb Lever, Self Closing, Out Side Trigger.
Drawing on readings of vernacular medieval texts including Chaucer's Man of Law's Tale and The Pistel of Swete Susan (anonymous) on false witness, sermons, and common law as well as postmodern critiques, Taylor (English, Bryn Mawr College) explores such practices as a framework for late medieval writers' examination of obligations and challenges to a community's authority, as in the case of Lollard heretics.
Camera (color, HD vid), Robin McLeod; editor, Wohl; original music, Ledenhed, Sorry; music supervisor, Mark Pistel; production designers, Peter Cavallero, Amy Sippos; costume designer, Dawn Walters; sound designers, Jeff Darby, Dave Nelson; assistant director, John Estes.
Don Ramon and the remix of Dos Caras (ably re-worked by DJ Mark Pistel) are sure-fire dancehall action.