Piston displacement

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2015-004 which states that only vehicles with a piston displacement of not less than 1,200 cc and fit the new size requirement with overall length of 3990 mm, overall width of 1625 mm, overall height of 1455 mm, and wheelbase of 2405 mm will be allowed to operate as TNVS.
The relationship between main piston displacement and brake cylinder charging orifice opening area for Chinese 120 (120-1 type) distributing valve is basically linear, as shown in Figure 12.
Likewise, [V.sub.1] and [V.sub.2] are volumes of the two sides of the cylinder, and change with the piston displacement. By defining the effective pressurized area of the cylinder, [A.sub.l], as
Indicator diagram is the extreme reflection of pressure change of gas in the cylinder of the piston engine depending on the piston displacement or the turn angle of the crank [8].
Piston displacement is one of the most important factors in tractor power and efficiency.
Streaming has both combined advantages of a positive piston displacement pump and jetting technology to deliver, in a noncontact fashion, a continuous stream of fluid in a precise amount of volume, as shown in FIGURE 3.
Actual Piston displacement of compressor is calculated as follows:
X -First brake master cylinder piston displacement amount (m);
This compressor can deliver 28.2 CFM piston displacement and 21.4 CFM free air delivery.
The electromagnetic resistance force is predictive and adjustable based on the velocity of midpoint and piston displacement.
Let [x.sub.c] denote the real piston displacement; then, the effective piston displacement is [x.sub.L] = [x.sub.c] + [x.sub.el] as shown by Figure 2.