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 (pĭch′än′chə-chär′ə) also Pi·tjan·tjar·a (pĭch′än′chə-rə)
1. An Australian aboriginal people inhabiting the desert regions of southern and western Australia.
2. The Pama-Nyungan language of this people, used as a lingua franca in western Australia.

[Pitjantjatjara, those who use the speech, from pitna-ntja, to go, come.]


(ˌpɪtʃəntʃəˈtʃærə) or


npl -ra or -ras
1. (Peoples) an Aboriginal people of the desert area of South Australia
2. (Languages) the language of this people
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Text was added with the assistance of the participant children, and Pitjantjara words were added with the help of one of the senior women.
Sand dunes, sand plains and woodlands surround the rocky outcrops and the Anangu people living within the reserve have two main dialects: Pitjantjara and Yankunytjatjara.
Mount Woodroffe, 26[degrees]15'S, 131[degrees]47'E, 13-17 October 1994, Pitjantjara Lands Survey, J.
Carroll's work has been translated into virtually every language,including Swahili,Welsh,Latin and aboriginal Pitjantjara.
The local tribes, the Yankun-tjatjara and Pitjantjara, regard Uluru as a spiritual center to meet their ancestors, and they decorated the caves with paintings.