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 (pĭch′än′chə-chär′ə) also Pi·tjan·tjar·a (pĭch′än′chə-rə)
1. An Australian aboriginal people inhabiting the desert regions of southern and western Australia.
2. The Pama-Nyungan language of this people, used as a lingua franca in western Australia.

[Pitjantjatjara, those who use the speech, from pitna-ntja, to go, come.]
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(ˌpɪtʃəntʃəˈtʃærə) or


npl -ra or -ras
1. (Peoples) an Aboriginal people of the desert area of South Australia
2. (Languages) the language of this people
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Text was added with the assistance of the participant children, and Pitjantjara words were added with the help of one of the senior women.
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Sand dunes, sand plains and woodlands surround the rocky outcrops and the Anangu people living within the reserve have two main dialects: Pitjantjara and Yankunytjatjara.
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Carroll's work has been translated into virtually every language,including Swahili,Welsh,Latin and aboriginal Pitjantjara.
The local tribes, the Yankun-tjatjara and Pitjantjara, regard Uluru as a spiritual center to meet their ancestors, and they decorated the caves with paintings.