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A city of western Massachusetts northwest of Springfield near the New York border. It is a center of the Berkshires resort area.
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Noun1.Pittsfield - a town in western MassachusettsPittsfield - a town in western Massachusetts  
Bay State, Massachusetts, Old Colony, MA - a state in New England; one of the original 13 colonies
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Melville resided in New York City until 1850, when they purchased a farmhouse at Pittsfield, their farm adjoining that formerly owned by Mr.
On the hither side of Pittsfield sits Herman Melville, shaping out the gigantic conception of his 'White Whale,' while the gigantic shadow of Greylock looms upon him from his study window.
With his liberal views, he is apparently considered by the good people of Pittsfield as little better than a cannibal or a'beach-comber.
The chief event of the residence in Pittsfield was the completion and publication of 'Moby Dick; or, the Whale,' in 1851.
This house belonged to his brother Allan, and was exchanged for the estate at Pittsfield.
Notes: a pre-bid meeting is scheduled for 10:00 am on october 11, 2016, beginning in the purchasing office at city hall, 70 allen street in pittsfield.
That well-known address in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, was the home of GE Plastics, which in 2007 was bought by Saudi Basic Industries Corp (Sabic) and renamed Sabic Innovative Plastics.
She attended the First Congregational Church of Pittsfield and was a member of the Dorcas Guild.
7 million capital grant for construction of a new Berkshire Innovation Center in Pittsfield, Mass.
DESCRIPTION: Berakah: A Place of Blessing, in Pittsfield, NH.
That's the blueprint for continued growth at Pittsfield Plastics engineering inc.
M2 EQUITYBITES-August 13, 2012-Verizon soon to bring 4G LTE network to Pittsfield, Massachusetts(C)2012 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.

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