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A city of western Massachusetts northwest of Springfield near the New York border. It is a center of the Berkshires resort area.
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Noun1.Pittsfield - a town in western MassachusettsPittsfield - a town in western Massachusetts  
Bay State, Massachusetts, Old Colony, MA - a state in New England; one of the original 13 colonies
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The following year was passed at Pittsfield, Mass., where he engaged in work on his uncle's farm, long known as the 'Van Schaack place.' This uncle was Thomas Melville, president of the Berkshire Agricultural Society, and a successful gentleman farmer.
While so engaged at Greenbush, now East Albany, N.Y., he received the munificent salary of 'six dollars a quarter and board.' He taught for one term at Pittsfield, Mass., 'boarding around' with the families of his pupils, in true American fashion, and easily suppressing, on one memorable occasion, the efforts of his larger scholars to inaugurate a rebellion by physical force.
Melville resided in New York City until 1850, when they purchased a farmhouse at Pittsfield, their farm adjoining that formerly owned by Mr.
On the hither side of Pittsfield sits Herman Melville, shaping out the gigantic conception of his 'White Whale,' while the gigantic shadow of Greylock looms upon him from his study window.
He lives in a spacious farmhouse about two miles from Pittsfield, a weary walk through the dust.
MSA Safety Inc., a Pittsburgh, PA.-based maker of sophisticated safety products, has completed its acquisition of Globe Holding Company LLC of Pittsfield, NH.
The first chapter, "Baseball Origins and Club Teams, 1791-1865," begins baseball's story by explaining that on September 5, 1791, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, passed an ordinance prohibiting anyone from playing baseball within 80 yards of the town's new meeting house (to protect the building's windows).
Pittsfield, Massachusetts, the town he had lived in for thirteen years, seemed a good place to start.
Pittsfield (New Hampshire) Middle High School, which was ranked as one of the state's lowest-performing high schools based on standardized tests scores in 2008, now successfully uses the student-centered learning model, and received some financial support to do so.
The new year dawned with barely a remnant of the former GE Plastics still operating at its storied home in Pittsfield, Mass.
That well-known address in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, was the home of GE Plastics, which in 2007 was bought by Saudi Basic Industries Corp (Sabic) and renamed Sabic Innovative Plastics.

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