Pitymys pinetorum

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Noun1.Pitymys pinetorum - short-tailed glossy-furred burrowing vole of the eastern United States
field mouse, vole - any of various small mouselike rodents of the family Cricetidae (especially of genus Microtus) having a stout short-tailed body and inconspicuous ears and inhabiting fields or meadows
genus Pitymys, Pitymys - pine mice
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Rhodes and Richmond (1982) reached the same conclusion regarding free-ranging Pine Voles (Pitymys pinetorum), and Getz (1968) found that Redbacked Voles (Myodes gapperi) could persist for at least 2 wk on a diet of mushrooms without losing weight and with no access to free water.
Water metabolism in the Pine Vole Pitymys pinetorum. Eastern Pine and Meadow Vole Symposia.
x Voles Pitymys pinetorum x Pine vole Ondatra zibethicus x Muskrat Synaptomys cooperi Southern bog lemming Mustela erminea Ermine Mammut americanum 0 0 American mastodon Mammuthus sp.