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 (pyä-chĕn′zə, -tsä)
A town of northern Italy on the Po River southeast of Milan. Founded by Romans as Placentia in 218 bc, it was occupied by Goths, Lombards, and Franks and became a free city and part of the Lombard League in the 1100s.


(Italian pjaˈtʃɛntsa)
(Placename) a town in N Italy, in Emilia-Romagna on the River Po. Pop: 95 594 (2001). Latin name: Placentia


(pyɑˈtʃɛn tsɑ)

a city in N Italy, on the Po River. 104,976.
Ancient, Placentia.
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The company also completed two disposition transactions, comprising the following: a 6,562 SF industrial condo unit located at 939 Poinsettia Avenue in Vista, within the San Diego - North County submarket, sold for $1.3M, or $193 per square foot; a 62,395 SF multi-tenant complex located at 2350-2384 Orangethorpe Avenue and 1631 Placentia Avenue, in Fullerton within the Orange County - North submarket, sold for $11.5M, or $185 per square foot.
As per the contract, 50% work will be performed in China Lake, California; 48% in Placentia, California; and 2% in Denver, Colorado, with completion expected in August 2024.
In game eleven of the 2019 Mustang World Series, Chicago, Illinois defeated Placentia, California 4-2 in extra innings.
Agnes Walsh does this in Oderin, her collection of poems named after an island in western Placentia Bay, Newfoundland.
When she did discover she had the measles, she chose to quarantine herself in her home in Placentia, California.
| June 28 BORN today in 1491 within the grounds of the Palace of Placentia near the banks of the River Thames was a boy who became the most famous king of them all - Tudor King Henry VIII.
According to McCarthy, the origin of Placentia does not lie in the Basque language, but in Spanish.
screw to produce one 0.0018-oz component, which is then overmolded using a servo-electric injector from Kipe Molds, Placentia, Calif, (kipemolds.com), which is integrated into the 1 + 1 cavity mold and the Selogica control system.
With operations in Placentia, California, Cartel has been in business for over 27 years, led by a proven leadership team with a strong reputation in the industry.
Micralyne Inc., a manufacturer of MicroElectroMechanical Systems and a primary supplier of sensors, has collaborated with Microplex in Placentia, California.
Minister Manning has indicated that she plans to run in the next provincial general election in the District of Placentia and St.
"We're pushing people like athletes, and that's great for the P90X and CrossFit crowd," said Foy, who is based in Placentia, California.