Placentia Bay

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Pla·cen·tia Bay

 (plə-sĕn′chə, -shə)
An inlet of the Atlantic Ocean in southeast Newfoundland, Canada.
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Planned project activities include capelin habitat modelling and restoration in Placentia Bay and the Bay of Islands, and removal of obstacles to fish passage for Atlantic salmon and Arctic char in Labrador.
When the missionary, James England, on his 1841 annual fall trip into Placentia Bay from Burin visited Thomas Bugden at Haystack, he noticed that Bugden prized his few issues of Missionary Notices, especially the one containing a report from the South Seas about King George preaching the Gospel.
This careful, attentive, broad reading traces how Roosevelt maneuvered himself into a dominant position: supplanting Churchill as early as the pre-Pearl Harbor Placentia Bay summit of 1941, committing to a "Germany first" war aim, supporting Lieutenant Colonel James "Jimmy" Doolittle's April 1942 Tokyo Raid (which his secretary of war had opposed), and even overruling his secretary of war and joint chiefs of staff to set a 1942 goal for landing in Axis-held North Africa.
For people who have very limited mobility, the center has installed two powerful telescopes on a nearby level wooden deck to scan the whirling clamor of nesting birds on 400-foot-high cliffs, ledges and overhangs of Placentia Bay.
Here we consider how women who married into new families and communities in the Placentia Bay area of the province over a fifty year period (1943-1993) negotiated a place for themselves.
The Foleys had moved from their native Placentia Bay to chase work, lured by talk of the new mill towns.
Tucked away in nearby Placentia Bay is one of eastern Newfoundland's major fishing ports--Long 1 Harbour.
August 9-12, 1941: Placentia Bay, Newfoundland, Canada President Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Churchill secretly met for the first time.
French fishing villages were scattered along Placentia Bay, while the English occupied the east side of the Avalon Peninsula, from Ferryland to St.
He owns his own small boat and works the near-coastal waters around Placentia Bay, landing fish ashore at the end of the day.
In 1969, a massive fish kill that turned Placentia Bay, Newfoundland into "a biological desert" was traced to fluoride: effluent from a plant that produced elemental phosphorus for metal: finishing and consumer goods.
Roosevelt at Placentia Bay, Newfoundland (August 9-12, 1941), and formed a strong personal, cordial relationship with him while concluding the Atlantic Charter; these ties facilitated close Anglo-American cooperation both before and after the U.