Placid Lake


 (plăs′ĭd), Lake
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Where were to be lodged all the gentry of the neighborhood, who would gather in two or three hours after the news had enlarged the circle of its report, like the increasing circumference produced by a stone thrown into a placid lake?
This 'treat' of serenity is akin to experiencing calmness of a placid lake.
And there it was: a majestic view of the placid lake in the crater!
Every second Sunday, these colorful boats slice the placid lake in friendly races, and in preparation for major tourneys such as the Round Taal Volcano in November, the Hobie Nationals and the Philippine Hobie Challenge, which are both held in February to take advantage of the amihan winds.
The placid lake of Lake Sebu can be found in Allah Valley near the municipality of Surallah, South Cotabato covering an area of 354 hectares (870 acres), with an elevation of approximately 3,300 feet.
A placid lake reflects the ice covered landscape and clear sky on Yilan's Taipingshan on Sunday, Jan 14.
"I remember doing the film The Rage in Placid Lake years ago with Ben Lee, about the kid who rebelled against his bohemian parents and became an accountant.
For it transcends the page, with the ability to be a volcano spewing out words as lethal as lava one moment, and soothing as the wind meandering over a placid lake the next.
In 1817 an attempt was made to build a wooden bridge across the lake, but it foundered when its piers collapsed and strewed 7,000 board feet of lumber onto the placid lake water.
Just risen from the mirror's placid lake While time melts like
In fact, it's a pleasure cruiser sailing on a placid lake, gliding into view from a distance.