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Noun1.Placuna - windowpane oystersPlacuna - windowpane oysters      
mollusk genus - a genus of mollusks
capiz, Placuna placenta, window oyster, windowpane oyster - marine bivalve common in Philippine coastal waters characterized by a large thin flat translucent shell
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Salinity effect on the embryonic development, larval growth and survival at metamorphosis of Placuna placenta Linnaeus (1758).
Capiz faces the Sibuyan Sea to the north, andis known for the Placuna placenta oyster shell that has the same name locally which is used for decoration and making lampshades, trays, and window doors.
The effect of micro algal diet and rearing condition on gonad maturity, fecundity, and embryonic development of the window-pane shell, Placuna placenta Linnaeus.