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 (ĕs′drā-ē′lŏn, -drə-, ĕz′-), Plain of
A fertile plain of northern Israel extending from the coastal lowlands near Mount Carmel to the Jordan River valley.


(Placename) a plain in N Israel, east of Mount Carmel. Also called: Plain of Jezreel


(ˌɛs dreɪˈi lɒn, -drə-, ˌɛz-)

a plain in N Israel, extending from the Mediterranean near Mt. Carmel to the Jordan River: scene of ancient battles. Also called Plain of Jezreel.
References in classic literature ?
As we trotted across the Plain of Jezreel, we met half a dozen Digger Indians (Bedouins) with very long spears in their hands, cavorting around on old crowbait horses, and spearing imaginary enemies; whooping, and fluttering their rags in the wind, and carrying on in every respect like a pack of hopeless lunatics.
Then, at the top, with the exception of the view of the vast, unending plain of Jezreel below -- there is nothing there.