a.1.Practicing plain dealing; artless. See Plain dealing, under Dealing.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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"This shows that you are, in truth, a lover of plain-dealing, Mr.
'Let me first establish my position as a friend,' thought I - 'the patron and playfellow of her son, the sober, solid, plain-dealing friend of herself, and then, when I have made myself fairly necessary to her comfort and enjoyment in life (as I believe I can), we'll see what next may be effected.'
I embraced the offer; and entering into a strict friendship with this captain, who was an honest, plain-dealing man, I went the voyage with him, and carried a small adventure with me, which, by the disinterested honesty of my friend the captain, I increased very considerably; for I carried about 40 pounds in such toys and trifles as the captain directed me to buy.
He did not celebrate the Constitution as a well-oiled Rube Goldberg mechanism, cleverly designed to make ambition counteract ambition and render virtue optional, but as a "plain-dealing work," designed to give "the will of the people a decisive influence over the whole, and over all the parts." He clearly linked the flourishing of political liberty with a high regard for "that perfect liberty better described in the Holy Scriptures." His sense of history, prudence, and religion all came together in these words, placed in the mouth of Fabius: "History sacred and profane tells us, that, corruption of manners sinks nations into slavery." The sole antidote to such corruption was "soundness of sense and honesty of heart."
Shakespeare turns out to be prejudiced in favor of the "plain-dealing soldier," who makes his appearance in the chapter on "Machismo"--think Hotspur or Kent in King Lear.
Birmingham is a tolerant, accepting and warm-hearted city that likes plain-speaking, plain-dealing people such as the Rt Rev Urquhart.
Even her Oscar-winning turn as Elizabeth I in "Shakespeare in Love" was all about the comedic contrast between the surface grandeur of a monarch and the wicked gleam of her plain-dealing woman beneath.
Professor David Fuller, of Durham University, said: "His plain-dealing attention to the game may deserve the unfashionable but expressive epithet manly ( that is to be dignified, noble, befitting a gentleman."
(48) In 2 Henry 6 shortly after his followers want to 'kill all the lawyers', Cade asks the clerk who has been brought before him: 'Dost thou use to write thy name, or hast thou a mark to thyself, like an honest plain-dealing man (4.2.56).
PR experts are employed to serve the interests of the organisations which employ them; but they can only do this effectively if they are trusted, which requires plain-dealing and integrity.
The management's open-door policy and plain-dealing attitude has kept them happy.