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Noun1.common zebra - of the plains of central and eastern Africacommon zebra - of the plains of central and eastern Africa
zebra - any of several fleet black-and-white striped African equines
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And the other thing is that we now understand better the importance of connectivity between plains zebra populations.
This makes it easily distinguished from the more common plains zebra.
By JOHN FOXYou're likely to spot a zebra on a safari in Kenya, but chances are it'll be the more common plains zebra (formerly Burchell's zebra).
Among other changes, the IUCN said the population of plains zebra in Africa had fallen to about 500,000 animals from 660,000, also because of hunting for their meat as well as their skins.
Larison, a researcher in UCLA's department of ecology and evolutionary biology and the study's lead author, and her colleagues examined the plains zebra, which is the most common of three zebra species and has a wide variety of stripe patterns.
The Quagga Project is an attempt by conservationists in South Africa to achieve a breeding lineage of plains zebra which resemble the extinct quagga through selective breeding.
The study used bones from caves to identify new horse species in Eurasia and South America, and reveal that the Cape zebra, an extinct giant species from South Africa, were simply large variants of the modern Plains zebra.
Among the topics are craniodental variability in modern and fossil Plains zebra from East and southern Africa, palaeo-ethology as an archaeological tool, late fourth and third millennium sites in northern Syria, body conformations in unimproved horses in the eastern Carpathians, and horse burials in royal and common Macedonian tombs.
Plains zebra are the most widespread and commonly hunted species throughout Africa.
In very general terms, in the north, the plains zebra tend to be black-and-white striped to the hoof.
The social organisation and population ecology of the plains zebra (Equus quagga).
Reinhold Rau, a taxidermist (a craftsperson who stuffs and mounts animal skins for display) believes the quagga wasn't a unique species, but rather a subspecies of the plains zebra.