Plane of polarization

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(Opt.) See Polarization.

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The antenna element is x-polarized, and the plane of polarization is the xoz plane.
it follows that a body, which absorbs more rays from one plane of polarization than from another, sends out in the same ratio more rays from the first plane of polarization than from the second.
This double refraction of the circular polarized waves is also called circular birefringence from where the optical rotation is derived, as it rotates the plane of polarization of the polarized waves.
The magnetic field causes the plane of polarization to rotate, and the amount of rotation is directly proportional to the electron density in the medium and to the magnetic field.
Crosspol jamming involves the transmission of a jamming signal at or near orthogonal to the principal plane of polarization of the victim radar.
The structure of arthropod photoreceptors naturally makes them sensitive to the plane of polarization of incoming light, because the visual pigments that absorb light are dichroic and are oriented mostly parallel in small, tubular membranes called microvilli.
The plane of polarization is determined by the relative magnitude of the two components [E.sub.V] and [E.sub.H] and a polarization angle is defined as [phi] = [tan.sup.-1]([E.sub.V]/[E.sub.H]).