Plane problem

a problem which can be solved geometrically by the aid of the right line and circle only.
(Geom.) a problem that can be solved by the use of the rule and compass.

See also: Plane, Problem

Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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A runway with a slope acts like the old classic inclined plane problem from high school physics.
Grounded Mic | Boeing has a big plane problem in wake of Ethiopian Airlines crash
Numerical solution of plane problem with discontinuities in boundary conditions, Bulletin of AbayKazNPU, series "Physical and Mathematical sciences" 29 (1): 50-54.
The plane problem is a real-world problem, presented without any suggestion as to how it might be solved.
The topics include an adaptive element subdivision technique for evaluating three-dimensional singular boundary integrals, a meshless stress analysis of non-homogeneous materials using the triple-reciprocity boundary element method, reconstructing the eddy current profile on the vacuum vessel in a nuclear fusion device using only external magnetic sensor signals, a generalization of Michell's solution to the plane problem theory of elasticity in polar coordinates in the event of a radially inhomogeneous body, and the indirect boundary element method for the two-dimensional pressure-driven and gravity-driven free surface Stokes flow.
Due to these facts the plane problem formulation of a nonlinear deformable solid has been considered as the geometric and physical nonlinearity, and has been used as the moment scheme of finite elements (MSFE) (Bazhenov et al.
Of such a kind of the coordinate systems enable the application the general solution of the plane problem which was given in the paper (Hasanbegovic, 1997, 1998).
He used a finite difference approach to solve the plane problem of steady state diffusion oxidation reaction.
We consider a plane problem of fracture mechanics for a circular disk weakened by bridged cracks.
That endeavor brought Cruz to Grand Rapids late Monday night, where he ran two and a half hours late due to plane problems. "This is effectively the middle of the night," Cruz said after taking the stage before a nonetheless enthusiastic crowd.