a.1.(Optics) Having opposite surfaces exactly plane and parallel, as a piece of glass.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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The problem is solved using general provisions of the kinematic analysis of mechanisms of the "Theory of Mechanisms and Machines" course and the provisions of the "Theoretical mechanics" course, in relation to the study of the plane-parallel motion of a solid body.
For the interpretation as the basis of program the embedded expressions for imaginary SER [[rho].sub.v] is used as a function of the value L in multilayer medium with plane-parallel outside the division during VES by using the Wenner installation:
As seen from Table, non-Newtonian properties, decreasing with the crack opening increase, are manifested during water movement in thin plane-parallel and plane-radial microcrack.
It has a macroscopically visible plane-parallel structure (foliation).
Corona fields of these systems usually are assumed as plane-parallel or axially symmetric ones.
Consider the class of parallel mechanisms with a mobile platform which makes a plane-parallel moving, e.g.
Some optical properties of the two plane-parallel plates cut from the crystal are described in Syuy et al.
The retrieval procedure compares measurements of the cloud transmittance from the ground at water-absorbing and nonabsorbing wavelengths with look-up tables of the transmittance precomputed for plane-parallel, vertically homogeneous clouds using a radiative transfer code r-star4b [14].
Among his topics are aberrations of a plane-parallel plate, ray spot sizes and diagrams, systems with annular and Gaussian pupils, and random aberrations.
These beds range from massive to plane-parallel strata alternating with cross- stratification layers containing small to medium pebbles (Fernandes and Coimbra, 1996).