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(Aeronautics) the outline or silhouette of an object, esp an aircraft, as seen from above
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the outline of an object viewed from above.
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We're happy to be the planform that people use for that experience.
Secco and Mattos used ANN for calculating lift and drag coefficients as a function of the wing planform, airfoil geometry and flight condition [10].
(I must admit, I had never heard the nickname applied to this MiG before, but a planform view of the fighter does bear some resemblance to the instrument's triangular body.)
The constant-chord "Hershey Bar" wing was replaced with a semi-tapered planform. Piper also "simplified" the designation of the entire PA-32 series, renaming them Saratoga SP.
In this paper, the planform of the bionic bumblebee wing is selected similar to the experimental model studied by Nagai et al.
Caption: FIGURE 1: Planform of the experimental setup for the the meandering channel.
The planform of the racetrack column is depicted in Figure 1(b), where R is the curvature radius of the bent section and L is the length of the straight section.
(a) The printed samples based on a gear model using different PA6/POE-g-MAH composites, (b) planform of 60-40-based printing product, and (c) side view of the 60-40-based printing product.
h(x, y) - plane-tiling planform, ([bar.[v.sub.i]], [bar.p], [bar.c], [bar.T]) - steady state solution,
The conclusion of a deep-dive evaluation of this planform was completed using a 20-lb scale model unmanned aircraft and applying a battery of tests, including comprehensive CFD simulations in and out of ground effect (IGE/OGE), high-speed tests on moving rig, wind tunnel tests conducted at NASA Ames, and free-air test flights.