Plank road

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a road surface formed of planks.

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In one of the suburbs is a plank road - not footpath - five or six miles long, and a famous road it is too.
With two locations, one on Plank Road in Naperville and the other on Montgomery Road in Aurora, IL the family-owned, independent garden center serves customers from local communities.
2 to a home on Plank Road for a person who may have overdosed, authorities said.
One more incident occurred just a few hours later in Zachary, five miles down Plank Road where a man was fatally shot at around 4:45 p.
17 South to Paterson Plank Road as well as opposite a strip mall with a Starbucks, Five Guys, Pay less and Sleepy's.
In Carlstadt are two - a six-acre Scientific Chemical Processing site off Paterson Plank Road used as a waste processing facility, first added to the NPL in 1983, and the former Arsynco facility, a nearly 12-acre site used to produce a variety of chemical and pharmaceutical products.
8 acres of land within the Hamilton-Port Dover Plank Road as part of the Mississaugas of the New Credit.
Another proposal was for a plank road west from Boston.
James Turner earned renown as a real estate developer in the young capital, and was responsible for the first plank road and railroad to enter the community.
The project consists of a 240,000 watt (DC) solar panel energy system consisting of 806 panels constructed on two acres of land located on landfill property west of the facility's maintenance building and along Plank Road in Hopewell Township.
College of Wisconsin, 8701 Watertown Plank Road, Milwaukee, WI 53226.
DAREDEVIL workers are building a plank road up a Chinese mountain - with no safety ropes.